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CZECH INTERNATIONAL, a.s. is prepared to provide a comprehensive programme of services with a fully integrated logistic support which continuously effects on their improvement and development. Apart from transport and customs services, which we considered the minimum standard in this field, we provide our customers with the optimum solutions also in the field of storage and supply logistics.
Storage centre
The main storage centre that we use is the Logistic Terminal D1 Zone of Nupaky Logistic Park, s.r.o. based at Nupaky 148, 251 01 Říčany u Prahy. The terminal was opened in 1999 as the base for the construction of a business-industrial centre near the 10th km of D1 motorway in Prague-Nupaky. The terminal has an extraordinary suitable position in the strategic place of the future intersection of the Prague express ring with the D1 Prague-Brno motorway.

Buildings and equipment

The logistic terminal D1 zone is comprised of
  • A modern five-storey office building with underground garages. The total floor area of the office building is 6,590 m2. The building was nominated to the award "Building of the Year ’99".
  • The Customs Office Prague D1 building, connected to Warehouse B, with opening hours from 7 am to 5 pm.
  • Warehouse A with an area of 4,156 m2
  • Warehouse B with an area of 3,300 m2, with loading ramps and own operating offices.
  • Parking area for trucks, utility vehicles and cars, a total of 283 parking places. The total area of hard surfaces of the parking area and handling areas is 10,800 m2.
  • Restaurant including fast food, as a separate part of the office building.
  • Truck wash with a capacity of 4 trucks per hour.
  • Service centre for trucks; a simultaneous repair of 2 trucks possible.


  Warehouse A Warehouse B Total
Total storage area 4.156 m2 3.300 m2 7.456 m2
Total number of pallet places*) 3.840 3.000 6.840
Main storage area dimensions 90x36 m 3.195 m2 72x36 m 2.561 m2
section 1 54x36 m 1.920 m2
2.400 pallets
30x36 m 1.072 m2
1.320 pallets
section 2 36x36 m 1.275 m2
1.440 pallets
42x36 m 1.489 m2
1.680 pallets
Handling area 282 m2 72 m2
Storage room 68 m2 66 m2
Storage cubicles 611 m2 601 m2
Number of cubicles and loading ramps 8 8 (2 for side unloading)
*) The numbers of pallets apply to Euro-pallets located in racks
  • Both sections of the warehouses are separated with fire walls with steel doors.
  • Clearance height of the warehouses is 8 m.
  • Storage on the open area or in a rack system for 5 pallet layers (1.2 m in height), level adjustable height, loading capacity approx. 800 kg/pallet.
  • The narrowest passage space between racks is 2.80 m.
  • Loading ramps with unloading cubicles approx. 6 x 12 m in size (approx. 75 m2), lockable on both sides with lowering gates, with a hydraulic level ramp and rubber extensions (all-weather safe unloading of sensitive goods from vehicles).
  • Dust-free floor made of polished reinforced fibre concrete.
  • Warehouses are interconnected with a covered footbridge.
  • Lighting: ceiling fluorescent lamps over each rack aisle.
  • Hot-air heating, gas boiler room in each warehouse, constant temperature from 15 to 25°C depending on the season.
  • Operating office and warehouse porter’s lodge on the ground floor.
  • On the first floor, 10 offices 32 m2 each (Warehouse A), 9 offices 60 m2 each (Warehouse B), with own staircase.
  • Cloakrooms, day room, wash rooms.
  • Parking area with controlled access and security guard.  

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