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Customs services branch office Hradec Králové

Our customs services branch office Hradec Králové operates in the building of our office and the local customs authority office but also and in the large surrounding region. Our business partners are represented by skilled specialists trained in the field of customs and tax services.  Our motto is: "We are here for you, for continuous clearance and to ease your business within the EU countries. We help you with your business,  we represent you in state administration proceedings and the interpretation of law (not only the customs one). We are not affraid of responsibility, we are experts in the field. We can create you the background so that you can have time for your business."
manager of customs services branch office Hradec Králové  Markéta Vachatová

Basic information on customs services branch office Hradec Králové

CZECH INTERNATIONAL, a.s., customs services branch office Hradec Králové
skladištní oblast - Vážní 857

GPS: 50°13'32.932"N, 15°51'48.723"E
CZECH INTERNATIONAL, a.s., provozovna celních služeb Hradec Králové +420 495 401 492, +420 495 401 491(fax),
Working time:
Mo-Fri 7.00-16.00
Correspondent local customs office:
Customs authority office Hradec Králové - CZ066100


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