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EUR 1 CZK 27.395
USD 1 CZK 25.072
GBP 1 CZK 38.605
HRK 1 CZK 3.624
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Břeclav office - service offer

Customs documents

  • Common administrative document (JSD)
  • Transit support document (TDD) - system NCTS
  • Export support document (VDD) - system ECS (e-Export)
  • Comprehensive customs declaration
  • Information INFrelated to JSD
  • Certificate of customs origin (EUR.1, FORM A, A.TR etc.)
  • Carnet TIR, Carnet ATA
  • International consigment note CMR, CIM


  • Representation in customs proceedings
  • Representation in customs and tax proceedings

Securing of customs debts

  • Global guarantee (other modes than transit)
  • Comprehensive assurance (joint transit among the EU countries)
  • Individual guarantee (certificate of guarantee)

Simplified procedures in customs proceedings

  • Free circulation (local proceedings)
  • Simplified procedures for regimes with economic impact
  • Approved recipient (transit in NCTS system)
  • Approved sender (transit in NCTS system)
  • Approved exporter (Export in ECS system)
  • Approved exporter (confirmation of good origin in an invoice)
  • Centralized customs proceedings
  • Preparation for obtaining the authorized Economic Object (AEO) statute


  • Elaboration of INTRASTAT documents
  • Submitting the documents in electronic form for the appropriate board of customs
  • Value limit checks
  • Occasional and negative reports

Consumer taxes services

  • Preparing accompanying documents for the transport of selected goods (issue and termination of documents)
  • Transport documents
  • Securing of consumer tax by guarantee for treatments with conditioned exemption from excise tax
  • Securing of consumer tax by guarantee for approved recipient of selected goods from other EU members

Other customs services

  • Inclusion of goods in EU Common Customs Tariff
  • Binding information about goods tariff
  • Binding information about goods origin
  • Calculation of customs debt and tax for goods
  • Applications for customs proceedings
  • Document neutralization
  • Security escort of consignment (convoy)


  • Consultancy in the matter of customs and import regulations od CR and EU
  • Consultancy in the matter of Intrastat
  • Consultancy in the matter of consumer taxes
  • Consultancy in the matter of exported and imported goods VAT calculation
  • Consultancy in the matter of logistic

Logistical services

  • International and intranational forwarding
  • Road, sea, rail and air transport
  • Overdimensional shipments, ADR
  • Collecting service
  • Public, customs, and tax warehouses
  • Logistic projects

Services for transport

  • Exchange office
  • Toll tickets
  • Border insurance

Administrative services

  • Copying
  • Telephone, fax
  • Internet


  • The service is provided by this branch office
  • The service is provided by this branch office by agreement
  • The service is NOT provided by this branch office


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