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CZECH INTERNATICZECH INTERNATIONAL, a.s. provides accountning services
CZECH INTERNATIONAL, a.s. provides accounting and comprehensive accounting consultancy for various small and medium-sized businesses. By all means we follow legal procedures and respect the code of secrecy about all ascertained facts when providing allegated services. Leave your concerns about your accounting, taxes and wages on our shoulders so that you can fully concentrate on your business.

Software support

For processing the accounting we use highly-effective economic and accounting Helios Orange system built on the client/server technology which ensures sufficient stability and data safety. The exclusive use of MS SQL server provides the maximum speed and unlimited integration with MS Office or any other SW.

Accountant services

  • comprehensive bookkeeping
    • account books, reports, filing, overviews, bank, cash book
    • accounting of demands and debts
    • accounting of property
    • final accounts processing
    • inventarisation
    • internal directives
  • Securing of final accounts and annual report verification by an auditor, through audits
  • VAT processing, income-tax return, vehicle excise duty return, real estate-transfer tax return, representation in financial authority and other proceedings   
  • Representation in bank proceedings
  • Methodical consultancy in the field of accounting
  • Statements of finances for managing a company - monitoring of month's ecomomic progress (statement of profits and losses, balance, cost and income monitoring according to the concerned specification

Human resources services and wage accounting services

  • Processing and comprehensive wage book keeping and staff agenda
    • wages calculations
    • elaboration of reports for insurance companies, Czech social security administration
    • elaboration of earnings records and old age pension scheme personal files
  • Processing of work contracts, pay records, contract of services, registration and deregistration of employees
  • Elaboration of charging orders
  • Representation in authority procedures (financial authorities, Czech social security administration, insurance companies, trade licencing office)
  • Processing of social and health insurance, tax advance payment records for authority checks
  • Calculation of facultative compensation of handicapped persons
  • Processing of tax records incl. annual account
  • Accounting of tax deduction and advance payment tax


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